Tur Kampus: Nanyang Technological University – NTU [PHOTOS]

Tur Kampus memberimu sebuah gambaran tentang gedung kampus dari universitas-universitas di Singapura, tanpa harus beranjak dari komputermu. Untuk seri yang pertama, SekolahSG meminta bantuan dari Rachel Tay, seorang mahasiswi Nanyang Technological University (NTU), untuk memberi sebuah tur singkat keliling kampus NTU. Terima kasih, Rachel!

Tur Kampus is here to give you a glimpse inside the campuses of Singapore’s universities, all from the comfort of your computer. In our first installment, SekolahSG enlists the help of Rachel Tay, a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student, to give us a tour around the NTU campus. Thanks, Rachel!

1. Nanyang Auditorium: the biggest auditorium in the school, where career fairs, meetings and examinations are held.

IMG_0355 (2)

2. Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre: one of the many lecture theatres in NTU, where professors carry out their lectures.

IMG_0356 (2)

3. Earth Observatory: for students to carry out studies about Earth & Mother Nature!


4. McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast food chains in Singapore is here! And Subway, a healthier option, right next to it.


5. Hall 6: just one of 16 undergraduate halls in NTU! The number doesn’t even include postgraduate halls.


6. Learning Pods: with screens fitted to the walls of each Pod, students make good use of this area to discuss projects.


7. Free Access Lab (FAL): filled with countless computers and five large printers, where thousands of lecture notes are printed daily.


8. The seemingly never ending path where many students walk on from the bus stop to their classes daily.


9. NTU may be far out in the west, but it’s surrounded with greenery and nature!


10. Although the canteens may be crowded at times, they are all well ventilated and there’s always a wide range of food to choose from!


11. The Chinese Heritage Hub: we never forget our culture here in NTU. Also popular among tourists!


12. The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies.


13. NTU’s Art and Design Building is well known for its design, of course, and its completely green roof!


14. There are many water sports in NTU, like canoeing, water polo and aquatics. The pool is open to all!


  • Janina

    Wah kayaknya kampusnya gede banget yah :O

    • Jihad Hayatul Falah

      broad and comfortable. very clean environment. I have visited there at jully, 2015 :).

  • Kartika

    Kami merencanakan tahun depan ingin berkunjung ke NTU, perkiraan bulan mei atau juni 2016.
    Tujuan kami untuk berkunjung ke NTU:
    – Apabila ada murid-murid saya yang minat melanjutkan sekolah di NTU
    – murid-murid mendapatkan pelatihan pendidikan di NTU.
    apakah bisa membantu saya?

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